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The Atlas One Subscription Model

Our business model is built around trust. With an incentive for long-term hires, the Atlas One Subscription Model is all about retention.
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How recruitment costs spread out over time

Our subscription model spreads recruitment costs evenly over 20 months, at just 1% of the new hire's salary per month. Contingency and retained models require payment up-front or in the first 3 months respectively.
Candidates annual gross salary
Employment duration (months)
If the successful candidate leaves your company before 20 months is up, subscription payment ends.
Money spent

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Streets Ahead Of The Rest

Streets ahead of the rest

Pay for what you get. As it stands, the other models on the market offer far less security and they often work out considerably more expensive.
Most recruitment firms work on a commission based model. The fee is paid in full upon hire, which leaves no incentive for the recruitment service to place long-term candidates, promoting a hidden process with no transparency for clients.
Retainer Search
The other main option on the market is the retainer search model. Companies pay in 3 installments; the first on receipt of the long list, the second on receipt of the shortlist and the final payment when the candidate is placed. Still, there’s no incentive to place a long term hire, and the process is only semi-transparent.

What's in it for you

As soon as you subscribe, the benefits begin.
Executive level transparency
Get full access to our internal candidate tracker, which tracks the search pipeline performance with metrics and provides actual prospect responses.
Executive level communications
Throughout the search, our experienced teams acts as an extension of your own company and adhere to the same communications principles you use in-house.
Enhanced candidate summaries
We use audio recording software to provide you with highlights from the initial interview between the recruiter and candidate, so you can hear for yourself.
financial flexibility

Subscription specifications

The low-down on our payment method and its advantages.
Blob durationduration


Payment starts as soon as you sign up, rather than at the point where the candidate is placed.The search process begins immediately. Instalments are paid each month for 20 months. If you feel that you’d like to put a stop to the search at any time, you’re free to end the subscription.
Blob amountduration


The subscription is 1% of the candidates annual compensation paid monthly, and begins at the start of the search. This provides you with access to our candidate tracker, open communication with our team and enhanced candidate summaries with interview audio highlights.
Blob feefee

Fee adjustment on hire

The amount charged during the search period is based on an estimate of the salary for the position you are looking to fill. Upon placement and confirmation of salary, the following payments are adjusted to rectify any difference between the initial estimate and the confirmed salary.
risk sharing blobrisk sharing


We share the risk of the hire. If the candidate leaves the company for any reason before the 20 months are up, the subscription ends. This incentifies us to find you long-term team members so that the subscription continues.
Blob exclusivityexclusivity


We don’t require exclusivity on any of the position’s we’re working on. If you happen to fill the position through other channels, you won’t be tied into a long-term contract with us.
Blob paymentpayment methods

Payment methods

It's just like with signing up with Netflix or Spotify. You'll be sent a signup link with details of your search and it just takes a minute to checkout. We accept ACH or credit card billing, and you'll be given access to a subscription management portal online.

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