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The Atlas One Subscription Model

Our business model is built around trust. With an incentive for long-term hires, the Atlas One Subscription Model is recruitment redefined.
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Financial flexibility

The Atlas One Subscription Model means that you pay 2% of the candidate’s annual compensation each month for 12 months. For whatever reason the employee-employer relationship might end, so does your subscription.
Full transparency
Attentive customer care
Committed to find long term candidates
financial flexibility
Streets Ahead Of The Rest

Streets ahead of the rest

We want you to be able to reduce your cash output so that you can focus your operating capital on the company’s growth.
Most recruitment firms work on a commission based model. The fee is paid in full upon hire, which leaves no incentive for the recruitment service to place long-term candidates, promoting a hidden process with no transparency for clients.
Retainer Search
The other main option on the market is the retainer search model. Companies pay in 3 installments; the first on receipt of the long list, the second on receipt of the shortlist and the final payment when the candidate is placed. Still, there’s no incentive to place a long term hire, and the process is only semi-transparent.

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