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Recruiting for Retention

Lower Cost

Lower Starting Costs

Most recruiting firms charge their full fee at the time of hire. Not Atlas One. We spread your subscription out over 20 months to save your operating capital for growth.

Sharing the risk

Sharing The Risk

We’re prepared to put our skin in the game and share the risk. If your employer - employee relationship ends within the first 20 months, the subscription ends too.

Sharing the risk


We tailor our services to suit the individual needs of the companies we work with, and we offer a range of other recruitment functions beyond the Atlas One Subscription.

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A Winning Comparison

Here's how the Atlas One Subscription model compares to previous industry standards, based on candidates annual gross salary:


"The blind purchase"


of candidate's annual gross salary paid in full upon hire
Full fee is spent, regardless of how long the employee stays with the company.
Completely hidden hiring process.
Transactional interaction between recruiter and company.

Atlas One Subscription

“The smart-plan”


of candidate's annual gross salary paid monthly (up to 20 months.)
Subscription ends if employer-employee relationship ends before 20 month subscription is complete.
Transparent, in-depth access to the hiring process.
An extension of your team. Consider us as a partner for all your recruitment needs.
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“Yesterday's news”


of candidate's annual gross salary paid in first 3 months.
Full fee is paid after 3 months, with no insurance in case the employee leaves you.
Limited transparency with access only to final candidate lists.
Recruitment support ends upon hire.
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How recruitment costs spread out over time

Our subscription model spreads recruitment costs evenly over 20 months, at just 1% of the new hire's salary per month. Contingency and retained models require payment up-front or in the first 3 months respectively.
Candidates annual gross salary
Employment duration (months)
If the successful candidate leaves your company before 20 months is up, subscription payment ends.
Money spent

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You're in good hands

Our Team

Our team has over 50 years of recruiting experience combined. We've placed new hires for such leading technology firms as Google, Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, and other sector leaders including entertainment giant Viacom, medical supplier McKesson and the world’s largest hotelier, AirBnB.

Testimonial Quote
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Atlas One were the perfect team to take on a small number of tricky to fill, niche, specialised engineering roles. The guys and gals were really able to deliver. Ultimately what gave Atlas One their competitive edge was the time, effort and an extra level of service that they dedicated to us.

Alex Duell

Head of People at Beamery