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Service Package Descriptions

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Last Modified: August 16, 2021

Atlas One consults with your designated personnel to assist in the placement of employees and introduction of potential candidates. The Services are provided as part of a 2 [step/phase] process as described below. If you would like to engage Atlas One for these Services, you will be prompted to complete a PPA to initiate Phase 1 Services, as further described below.

Selected Definitions:

“Additional Candidate Fee” the fee due and payable for any Candidates engaged by you in excess of the selected Search Package allotment.

“Candidate” means the person who is presented by Atlas One for placement at your organization, either as an employee or independent contractor, in connection with the Candidate Search.

“Candidate Search” means when Atlas One conducts its standard Candidate search services for the designated director level candidates or below.

“Excluded Candidate” means a candidate who is already known as a potential candidate for the designated openings or has already been introduced to you not through Atlas one for the potential opening, in each case, of whom you notify Atlas One prior to the commencement of any Candidate Search in writing.

“Hiring Manager” means your representative who manages the hiring activities for your organization and has the authority to manage and make hiring decisions on behalf of your organization.

“Payment Platform Agreement” or “PPA” means the third party online payment platform used by Atlas One to: submit and receive payment from you, set forth agreed Search Package selection, pricing and feed details and any other agreed terms.

“Pivot” means a change to the specification of the Search Candidate being recruited with regard to their title, position or role, within the parameters of the applicable Search Package.

“Search Package” means one of the search packages with the allotted number of Candidate Searches asset forth below which can be purchased by you via an PPA.

“Search Package Term” means the term of the selected Search Package, which is 6 months for Phase 1 Search Package and 12 months for any Phase 2 Search Packages.

“Tail Period” means 12 months after the Candidate has been first presented to you.

“Talent Market Mapping” means the Atlas One talent mapping exercise used to assess the likely success of each Candidate Search as discussed with you, and which is intended to be conducted within two (2) weeks of execution of the Agreement during Phase 1.

Atlas One Responsibilities: The Service will consist of the following activities, which are designed to achieve the goals of sourcing and placing Candidates as part of each Search Package described below:

  • Complete an intake meeting;
  • Establish channel of communication on Slack;
  • Establish weekly recurring calibration call with the Hiring Manager
  • Talent Market Map report;
  • Provide predictive pipeline metrics;
  • Building of Interview Guide;
  • Outreach to Candidate;
  • Candidate screening;
  • Submitting of Candidates to Hiring Managers;
  • Guidance and facilitation of Candidates during interview process together with you;

Customer Duties and Responsibilities: Success is directly dependent on you providing timely and accurate information and cooperation, which includes:

  • The identity and nature of your business;
  • Providing information on the position which you seek to fill, including the type of work, location and expected working hours;
  • The notice period that the Candidate is required to give, and entitled to receive, to terminate an engagement with you;
  • Clear and prompt communication relating to all Candidate offers, hires and engagement;
  • Providing copies of all resumes and inquiries you receive from any potential Candidates applying for open positions for which Atlas One is engaged;
  • Prompt notification from you of any candidate’s acceptance of an offer of engagement and the terms of such;
  • Providing copies of the job offer and contract the Candidate is expected to sign within 7 days of offering the engagement;
  • If you wish to terminate any engagement with a Candidate during the term of the PPA, detailed reason and proof of the Candidate’s contract termination.

PPAs and Ordering of Services:

Phase 1 Services: Upon execution of the applicable PPA for Phase 1 Services and subject to the fees under the PPA, Atlas One will commence with the Phase 1 Search Package. Phase 1 Services continue for the Phase 1 Search Package Term starting from agreement of the applicable PPA. If no Candidates are hired within the Search Package Term, the PPA and Services and this Agreement will terminate. Regardless of the foregoing, you will pay the totals fees of applicable Search Package if you engage any Candidate within the Tail Period.

Term and Phase 2 Services: Unless you notify Atlas One of your intent to terminate the Services within thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of Phase 1, the Services will continue as follows:

  1. If you select a Search Package by notifying your account executive at Atlas One or if designated on the PPA, Atlas One will send an updated PPA with the designated Search Package, description of services, and the applicable fees due. Once you agree to the PPA, and subject to payment terms, the applicable Search Package Services will
  2. If you do not elect or notify Atlas One for the purchase of a new Search Package, the Phase 1 Search Package Services will continue on a rolling six (6) month period in consideration for the fees.

Phase 1 Search Package:
Phase 1 Search Package permits up to 2 Candidate Searches for director level roles or below during the Phase 1 Search Package Term commencing on signing of the PPA. Prior to conducting the searches, Atlas One will conduct its Talent Market Mapping exercise. If the market data indicates the Candidate Search can be successful, the applicable PPA and this Agreement will continue. If the market data indicates the Candidate Search will not be successful, Atlas One will notify you of the results. If Atlas One and you agree to modify the Candidate Search, Phase 1 will continue and Atlas One will continue with the Services with the modified Candidate Search. If you instead elect not to proceed with a modified Candidate Search, the PPA and this Agreement will terminate and Atlas One will refund all fees previously remitted for such Candidate Search for Phase 1 Services. Except for the foregoing right to refund in connection with the Talent Market Mapping, fees paid during Phase 1, regardless of Company’s success in hiring any candidates, are non-refundable.

Phase 2 Search Packages:
Search Packages of up to 5, 10, or 20 non-executive Candidate Searches during the Search Package Term, commencing on agreement to the applicable PPA. You will select or designate on your PPA the Search Package you desire, and after execution of the PPA, Atlas One will commence the Services. Such selected Search Package will renew each 12 month period unless you notify Atlas One of your intent to terminate the Search Package or select a different Search Package at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the Search Package Term.

You will pay Atlas One the fees due as set forth in PPA for the selected Search Package. Fees are non-refundable and will be due for the applicable Search Package regardless of whether you engage any Candidates.

If you engage any Additional Candidates during the Search Package Term or during the Tail Period, you will pay Atlas one the Additional Candidate fee within fifteen (15) days of engagement. Fees will not be due for any Excluded Candidates. The Customer will pay for any candidate who has been engaged by Atlas One on behalf of the client. Atlas One will require payment for the candidate placement at the same rate as the original requisition if hired within 12 months of the first candidate screening call.

Assumptions and Dependencies:

  1. Cooperation: You understand and acknowledge that Atlas One’s ability to succeed is directly dependent on collaboration and cooperation with you. As such, success depends on you providing and performing the Customer Responsibilities above, accurately and timely. Atlas One may not be able to commence Services until it receives all required information from you.
  2. Exclusivity: During the Term, unless a Candidate Search has been suspended or terminated, you hereby agree that Atlas one will be the sole and exclusive external or third-party recruiting firm for searching for, soliciting, introducing or engaging Candidates for the applicable open positions.
  3. Replacement Candidates: If a Candidate is engaged by you but terminates or leaves the engagement within thirty (30) days of their engagement start date, Atlas One will work to replace such Candidate. Such Candidate replacement will only be provided once for any Search Package.
  4. Termination: The Agreement and all Services will terminate if no effective PPAs are in place and have not been in place upon for 4 months.