About Us

  • We have hired over one thousand candidates globally.
  • We bring collectively over 50 Years of world-class recruiting experience to the table.
  • Our economic model is facilitated by our status as a remote company, and we love to travel.
  • Our diverse team of 10 people are located in Los Angeles, Portland, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Atlanta, Copenhagen and Berlin.
  • We have placed talent in over 30 countries with active searches in London, Berlin, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Dubai and the U.S.
  • Our in-house, self-developed technology makes for the highest quality executive search.
  • We democratize the search, so that smaller companies can expect the exact same search facility as a worldwide enterprise for the same cost.

Our Story


The story of Atlas One begins with our team of partners working as serial entrepreneurs, technical search consultants and recruitment specialists around the world.

The same few issues kept cropping up: Start-ups would need to seek the help of multiple agencies to build international teams, traditional pricing structures weren’t made to suit new companies, and there was no sense of obligation for recruitment firms to place long standing employees.

We came together to address the shortcomings we noticed. Atlas One puts quality at the forefront of our focus, so that talented, long-term candidates are guaranteed for your company. We value effective communication, listening carefully to our clients' needs, and offering full transparency for the duration of the subscription. As a remote team positioned across North America and Europe, our team members are always on hand to help our clients out, no matter where you’re based.

The real secret to our success is our brainchild: the Atlas One Subscription Model. Through a 24-month subscription service, we become your talent partner from the very beginning of your own journey, right up to the moment you exit, or even find yourself listed and trading on the stock exchange.