We help increase the success rate of growing companies
Atlas One’s intelligence augmentation platform is transforming teams and entrepreneurs into talent experts in real-time. With this as a foundation, we’re building the talent infrastructure that will empower businesses to scale with confidence.
Our Values
Where Great Work Starts
Keep It Balanced
Balance is reflected in everything we do. With a global team, we are empowered by diverse perspectives. We create opportunities to celebrate success and to learn from failure. Creating real value for the people we work with enables us to live a full life.
Freedom With Responsibility
Our team is built on a foundation of trust. With it comes the freedom to explore and overcome challenges to the best of our abilities. We reciprocate that trust through ownership of our actions and delivering on our promises – a responsibility we gladly take on.
Learn. Teach. Grow.
Every moment is an opportunity to learn something new, teach it to others, and grow along the way. We’re always moving through this cycle, constantly improving how we serve our customers.
Discipline With Dignity
As individuals, we persevere to become our best selves. Being aware of what we can do today without sacrificing what we can do tomorrow allows us to reach our true potential every day. As a team, we come together to lift each other up. No matter what, we know we’ll be welcomed with respect and open arms.
Meet the Founders
Talent Partners You Can Count On
Mikko Kiiskila
Co-Founder, CEO
Mikko brings more than 15 years of expertise in human interaction platforms across verticals. His experience growing successful startups include co-founding and serving as CEO of MeeDoc, a telemedicine platform in the EU which was acquired in 2016. He also helped Freska scale from 200K to 20M ARR – making it the fastest-growing home services platform in the Nordics at the time.
Jessie Stehle
Co-Founder, Chief People Officer
Jessie brings over 20 years of experience building and developing teams of the best talent. Her human interaction design background made her a great asset as a Talent Leader in Facebook, Fitbit, and Dropbox. She was directly responsible for hiring the teams that took these companies from the growth stage to post-IPO.