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A single subscription to grow with confidence, giving you all the tools, talent experts, and outcomes to scale from seed to exit.
The Atlas One LIVE Talent Platform is your Remote Recruiting Department.
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Hire with confidence
Hire talent that drives your business forward.
A dedicated Talent Partner provides the expertise you need to find candidates who will deliver results in a dynamic startup environment.
“Atlas One understands what we’re looking for based on the current phase of React & Share . . . There is this learning loop which helps to make sure that all of the submitted candidates are top quality.”
Antti Aalto
Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at React & Share
Streamline the recruitment process.
The Atlas One LIVE Talent Platform gives you access to all of the tools you need to build a team of star talent. A recruitment dashboard keeps you up to date on every search.
Stay in the loop at all times.
Ongoing communication and calibration meetings ensure transparency throughout the hiring process. With Atlas One Video Insights Tool, you can get to know each candidate before you ever sit down for an interview.
"The strategy for sequentially bringing people on with different capabilities – it requires a lot of forethought. Frankly, it’s the kind of experience that Mikko, Jessie, and the Atlas One team brings . . . Making sure that you’re hiring the right mix so that you can fill out the organization in a smart way over time."
Josh Butler
Josh Butler Founder & CEO at Kinetic Eye
Scale at your own pace.
Subscription recruiting allows you to preserve capital without sacrificing growth. Spread the fixed hiring cost over 12 months while filling key strategic positions to create a well-rounded team.
Scale with efficiency
Starting at 2 roles
Starting at 10 roles
Starting at 50 roles
A dedicated recruiting team
Uncapped candidate sourcing and pre-screening
Predictive time to fill metrics
Weekly Hiring Manager Syncs
Atlas One Video Insights Tool
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
LinkedIn Recruiter & Gem Pipeline Strategy Tools
Inbound Applicant Pipeline Management
Enhanced Candidate Profile Development
Customized Interview Questions
Hiring Manager Coaching and Debriefing
Unlock your Virtual Head of Talent
Advanced Analytics Dashboard
Head of Talent attend your All Hands
Employee Referral program and tool
Candidate experience and feedback tool
Leveling tools for candidate performance
Custom Hiring Plans (Org Charts & Budgets)
Hiring trainings by an learning & development expert
Custom diversity and inclusion hiring strategy
Advanced hiring metrics and results
Employer Brand Marketing campaigns
Absorb job posting costs up to $5,000
Unlock your own exclusive recruiting department
Solve every and any talent problem
Dedicated on-site team
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