We help Seed and Series A founders build their core teams in 6 months or less without affecting their runway.

Spread hiring fees over 10 - 20 months so your business isn't affected by huge up-front costs.

Our recruiters have built teams for some of the world's most recognizable brands...

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How to attract star talent without affecting your runway

Case Studies

+ 9 new new team members for the Airhelp marketing team and counting

airhelp employee increase graph


current employees

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Positions we hired for include:
- Corporate Lawyer
- Marketing Manager
- Senior Influencer Manager
- Social Media Campaign Manager
- Email Marketing
- Content Marketing Copywriter

Having assisted over seven million people to claim airline compensation in just five years, the team at Airhelp is consistently growing and evolving to meet new challenges.

The company has hired 9 new employees to date through Atlas One, including Head of Branding, Marketing Manager and Campaign Manager.

Facing into 2019, the business was looking to restructure the marketing team so that they could make faster decisions in a more informed way. They were struggling to find a recruitment partner that could fulfil their needs.

Paloma Salmeron

“The people we recruited through Atlas One were essential for us to be able to achieve our strategy for 2019. Being able to work with Atlas One and being able to recruit all of those people ahead of kicking off with 2019 and all the growth that it comes with was essential for the structure that we needed”.

— Paloma Salmeron, Head of Communications at Airhelp

+ 3 niche, specialised roles filled to support Beamery's internal recruiting team

beamery employee increase graph


current employees

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Positions we hired for include:
- Senior Security Operations Engineer
- Head of Email Deliverability
- Senior Golang Developer

Beamery take great pride in their talented recruitment team and a strong in-house referrals network, born from their mantra of hiring as a team sport.

Atlas One recruited a Senior Security Operations Engineer, Head of Email Deliverability and Senior Golang Developer for Beamery so their internal recruiters could focus on a range of other mid to senior level positions.

During their period of hyper-growth throughout 2018, Beamery was faced with a need for extra recruiting firepower and specialisation to fill a number of key roles and support the internal team.

Alex Duell

"The Atlas One team have been super transparent in who they’ve been talking to, the details of those people, the ongoing conversations that they’re having. We know who they’ve been looking at and ultimately, that data has been very easy for us to check out.”

— Alex Duell, Head of People at Beamery

+ 10 key hires including CTO and CMO, helping Freska to grow x2 in 6 months

freska employee increase graph


current employees

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Positions we hired for include:
- UX Designer x2
- Backend Developer x2
- Frontend Developer
- Senior Data Analyst

Freska first teamed up with Atlas One in 2017. The company was just about to close their Series-A investment round and had between 40 and 50 employees.

To date, the company made 10 hires with Atlas One for both their management team and tech team. Freska has more than doubled in size over the past 20 months, and continues to work with Atlas One.

It was time to take the business to the next level and make a number of key hires for the management and technical teams.

Sebastian Heinrichs

“Purely from a cash flow perspective, startups tend to fundraise every 9 - 18 months. If you have a payment period of 20 months, it’s so much easier on your own cash flow, it’s easier to plan and it’s easier to recruit knowing that you don’t need to pay it all now".

— Sebastian Heinrichs, Co-Founder and Group CEO at Freska


Better Retention

We only charge the full fee if the placed candidate stays for the length of the subscription. So if the candidate leaves half way through, you only pay half of the fee.

You'll be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that the incentives are aligned between recruiter, candidate and company. It's a model built on trust.

You can forget about traditional hiring models, where recruiters throw a load of candidates at you hoping for the best that one will stick until they're paid.


"The model that Atlas One provides is really good in a way that we have longer time to assess whether that person was a real good fit”.

— Paloma Salmeron, Head of Communications at Beamery

Reduce upfront fees

By spreading the recruiting fee over 10 - 20 months, you can be paying up to 90% less over the first three months compared to contingency and retained models.

You can continue towards your growth targets with a weight taken off your shoulders.

You'll eliminate huge up-front costs that can shorten your runway.


It’s just so much easier for us to say yes to 5% of the fee a month per hire than it is to commit to an unknown result and fee and many thousands of euros on the outset."

— Sebastian Heinrichs -Co-founder and Group CEO at Freska

Expand faster

Avoiding up front fees means being able to reapply that capital towards more key hires.

Stagger your recruiting efforts at a pace that suits your company and cashflow.

You'll be able to build your business faster by growing your team faster. It's as simple as that.


"It was incredible to see just how fast Freska expanded after we filled those key roles, especially CTO and CMO. Within 6 months, the company doubled in size".

— Nick Livingston, Head of Recruitment

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Start Hiring Today

Bypass large upfront hiring fees. Save your capital for growth

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Real-time transparency

Other recruiting agencies offer weekly updates or none at all. Our data is in real time. Get full access to our internal candidate tracker, which tracks the search pipeline performance with metrics and provides actual prospect responses.

Throughout the search, our experienced teams acts as an extension of your own company and adhere to the same communications principles you use in-house.

We're also happy to integrate with your own ATS or candidate tracker.

During our weekly briefings, we provide you with hiring strategy training and top tips on how to improve your interview process.

Proactive Collaboration

Enhanced candidate summaries

Atlas One integrates with Honeit interview software to provide you with audio highlights from the screening call between the recruiter and candidate.

Honeit automatically records and transcribes the call, allowing you to look up key words, and freeing you from the stress of messy resumes and handwritten notes.

Interactive resumes

Our interactive resumes gather together all of the information you'll need to decide if you'd like to take the shortlisted candidate to the interview stage.

This includes a video introduction, a custom summary of relevant experience, links to the screening call and a sample of coding skills where relevant.

Ecosystem research

We compile important ecosystem data for the locations and industries we research, to give you a better idea of the types of candidates we'll be reaching out to.

Book in a free recruitment strategy call and we'll be happy to provide you with a free ecosystem research document.

Automated billing

Life is made easy through our automatic billing system. This means no need for monthly invoices, you only have to sign up once, and all of the search data is collected for you in the one place.

You can review your entire billing history, add team members to help you manage the search, and it's all PCI compliant.


1 - 2%

of candidate's annual gross salary paid monthly (up to 20 months.)


Job description defining


Real-time candidate tracker


Hiring manager coaching


Recruitment process coaching


Interview process mentoring


Compensation research


Relocation assistance


Interactive candidate resumes


Phone screen summaries


Candidate video greeting

Atlas One 15 Minute Recruitment Strategy Call

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15 min

This no strings attached meeting will allow us to discuss your hiring and growth targets, and to determine if it is viable for our hiring platform.

The team

Mikko Kiiskila

Mikko Kiiskila

Mikko helps companies reach scale through building world class teams. He has raised $20M+ of funding for startups over the last 5 years. Previous to Atlas One, he co-founded, scaled and exited a European VC-backed telemedicine startup. Before that, he provided consultancy in a managerial role for 10+ years, working with various Fortune 500 companies across US, EU and Asia. He holds a Masters degree in Engineering.

Nick Livingston

Nick Livingston

Nick has enjoyed scaling companies and building teams in the hyper-competitive talent markets of San Francisco and NYC for 15 years. As the Head of Recruiting at TubeMogul, Nick built a team of 10 recruiters who grew the company from 60 to 360 employees globally through IPO ($TUBE) in just 26 months. At MTV Networks (Viacom), Nick was responsible for global digital media, product and technology recruitment along with HR technology innovation.

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